About me

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Welcome. My name is Pablo Fernández Candina and I am a freelance translator (EN/FR/IT>ES) with more than seven years of experience. Since 2017, I work as a legal translator for the European institutions (mainly the European Parliament and the European Commission; c. 2,5 million words), translating legislative texts related to a wide range of subjects, including energy, foreign policy, employment, healthcare, environment, transport, economy, and finances. I have also performed institutional translations for NGOs and international organizations, such as StopTB Partnership, 5Rights Foundation and Save the Children.

At the same time, I also translate books and articles on topics such as history, politics, philosophy, and economics. You can find the list of literary works I have translated up to date in Translations.

In addition to that, I hold a BS in Computer Science, and I offer services of specialised technical translation. In my free time, I love to go diving and sailing, and I am therefore well-acquainted with the terminology and concepts of these activities.

I am a member of ACE-T and ASETRAD.